Getting to Cardiff University

Car share to Cardiff CF10, United Kingdom

Spread across two centrally located campuses in the Welsh capital, Cardiff University ranks among Britain’s leading universities and is home to over 30,000 students from around the globe. 

The university’s two main campuses are located within a couple of miles of each other and are easily accessible via foot, bike, car and public transport. Check out some of the most convenient and affordable ways to get to and from campus.

How to get to Cathays Park Campus

The university’s main campus is conveniently located in the heart of Cardiff, within a stone’s throw of the city’s historic castle and Bute Park. In addition to being within walking distance of the city centre, the campus is also just a short walk away from both Cathays train station and Cardiff Central bus station. 

Park Place runs parallel to the campus and has several bus stops served by local bus services, including the 36, 53, 86 and 95 routes. 

The city’s cycle path network is continuously expanding, making it easier to travel around town in a cheap and environmentally friendly way. You can read about the various cycle routes here.

Getting to Heath Park Campus

The Heath Park Campus forms part of the University Hospital Wales and is a core hub for those undertaking courses within the fields of healthcare sciences, medicine and dentistry. Located a couple of miles north of Cathays Park Campus, it is well served by local bus services (routes 38 and 39 stop nearby). 

Car share to Cardiff University

If you plan on driving to and from campus, why not cut back on your travel costs by arranging a car share to Cardiff University? With over 30,000 students plus staff commuting to Heath Park and Cathays Park every day, there’s no shortage of potential passengers. Make new friends whilst cutting costs and emissions!

Sat Nav details:
  • Cathays Park Campus: CF10 3XQ
  • Heath Park Campus: CF14 4XW

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