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Colourfest is a Yoga Inspired Festival that unites upward of 1000 people over 4 days and 3 nights in a very clean, uplifting and heart opening celebration of life. We are based in the stunning house and 5000 acre grounds of St Giles House in Dorset and have a rich program of dance, yoga, satsang, sacred sound, acoustic artists, art and theatre.

Deepening the Yogic Roots of Colourfest

This year we enter ceremony around the branches of yoga with a morning dedicated to its exploration through various forms of music, movement, asana, chanting and introspection. Facilitated by some amazing tutors we culminate in a 'bringing together' of the various approaches in an inner clarification of what its pointing to.

There are many classes and workshops from various traditions.  Some very traditional and some fusing devotional kirtan, DJ’s, or musicians with the yoga practice.

Dance at Colourfest

We're really excited about the introduction of collaborative jams where a variety of dance workshops will come together in a fusion of styes and communal celebration. New this year we have a divinely decorated Woodland dance space that will host a variety of outstanding DJ's including Lord Shaftesbury. We also have a dedicated dance tent that will feature 5 Rhythms, Contact Improv, Biodanza, Ecstatic Awakening and Shakti Dances and more. There will also be plenty of opportunity to move to higher rhythms within the Sacred Sound space and the pristine grounds offer the delights of just dancing in nature. 


We have a packed program of acoustic artists in the Colourfest Café.  Beautifully decorated and filled with sofa’s and cushions where you can really relax and enjoy some stunning performers.  In the evening this place can really kick off as the crowd moves to some wild and uplifting rhythms.

Experience a higher vibration in sacred sound marquee with uplifting devotional kirtan and sacred songs with some stunning artists and musicians, completely relax and let go to Gong baths and sound experience and haunting music laced with enchanting poetry.

We encourage you to dive in and experience the full 4 days with us to really relax, get into the flow and really let your hair down.  You are also welcome to buy a weekend ticket or dip your toe in with a day pass.

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