Cut the cost of driving

Do you ever have an empty seat in the car? Liftshare has over 400,000 members who cut the cost of running a car by offering to take a passenger. 

You get to pick who you drive with, accepting lift requests from only those you want and as your passenger is only contributing towards your petrol costs you shouldn’t need any special car insurance either.

Norman’s a Liftshare user and saves over a hundred Pounds each month on petrol. He told us;

"The cost of fuel makes the case for car-sharing overwhelming. I estimate my car pool keeps about £150 a month in my pocket that would otherwise glug down my filler cap."
Tempted to be a smarter, greener and richer driver? offer a lift today!

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Got your own car?

If you're heading somewhere and have a seat going spare, you could earn some money to help cover your costs.

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