Car share to Edinburgh's Foodies Festival

Car share to Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH3, United Kingdom

The Foodies Festival will return to Edinburgh and Inverleith Park on the 5, 6 and 7th August this year with a three-day celebration of all things tasty. 

If you’re tempted to go but are struggling for transport then why not consider a Liftshare? As a driver you can cut travel costs by offering your spare seats to others heading to the festival for a split of the total petrol bill, while those without access to cars can request lifts from our friendly community of over 430,000 members.

Top chefs frequently point out the importance of clean organic food, a healthy environment and sensible use of resources so it comes as no surprise to discover the Foodies Festival embracing sustainable and green car-sharing.

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500 lifts offered to Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH3, United Kingdom



Glenrothes KY7 4HT

4/1 Moray Park Terrace Edinburgh EH7 5TH



5:15 PM




South Gyle Crescent



7:00 AM



Greenock Central

Edinburgh Airport



11:33 AM

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