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Event information:

Institute of Water Annual Conference 2015

‘Business in the New World; Innovation – Collaboration – Transformation’

9th – 10th July 2015

"The water sector is facing a period of huge change and huge opportunity. We are on the front line in the UK’s efforts to meet the challenges of climate change and a growing population.

At the same time we must adapt to the revolutionary effects of new technology and the changing expectations of both customers and employees, a challenge made sharper by generational change.

This conference will be an engaging and useful experience and over two days we will take a tour through this new landscape.

We will look at the changes, challenges and opportunities and how, through innovation and collaboration, we can use them to transform our industry for the better.

There will be some familiar faces and some that are new to you, but all will be striving to inspire, to provoke debate and get us to sit up and think."

Conference Chair, Peter Simpson, Institute of Water President Elect and Chief Executive Officer, Anglian Water Group

The full interactive programme can be downloaded here.

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