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Car share to Bailrigg, Lancaster LA1, United Kingdom

Just three miles from the city centre lie 360 acres of parkland called Bailrigg, otherwise known as the Lancaster University campus. With banks, shops, cafés and restaurants aplenty, the campus has a definite town-like feel. Bailrigg even has its own doctor’s surgery and nine bars (most likely frequented in the opposite order). 

You could be a student, a lecturer or someone visiting the campus to use the sports or academic facilities – whatever your story, travelling to Lancaster Uni can be cheap and even fun!

How to get to Bailrigg

The uni boasts, and we quote, “one of the most frequent university bus services in the country”, so you can get to and from town rather quickly. Buy a Lancaster UniRider to save yourself some cash – it allows for unlimited travel on all Stagecoach buses in the area.

If you’re coming from other areas of the country, you can book a seat on the Megabus to keep costs down, with services operating from various major cities across the UK. National Express are a little on the pricier side, but will drop you at the same spot – the underpass.

Cycling is a popular mode of transport at Lancaster University too, as there are two cycle routes between the campus and city centre. Both are sign-posted and have large chunks of off-road sections.

If you’ve got your own set of wheels, you can simply leave the M6 at Junction 33 before taking the A6 north in the direction of Lancaster. The area is well signed, but if you choose to use sat nav, the postcode you need is LA1 4YW. You’ll also need to apply for a permit in order to park your car at Lancaster University. To save yourself the hassle of getting one of those, why not consider arranging a lift share for getting to and from uni on a daily basis?

Lift share to and from Lancaster University

There are plenty of interesting things to do in Lancaster. Discover stretches of gorgeous parkland, the picturesque Lancaster Canal and endless little pubs and restaurants for fun days and exciting nights. For one-off trips to things such as shopping jaunts, music gigs or sporting events, hopping in a car share is often the most convenient option – not to mention the cheapest.

If you’d also like to head home a bit more often on the weekends, at such a huge campus, you’re bound to find someone you can catch a lift with, or offer a lift to. You can make some new pals, impress people with your fancy car ownership or just do the environment a favour. Everyone’s a winner!

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