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London is one of the world’s most visited cities. From theatre and music gigs to an eclectic shopping scene and fantastic historical sites, there’s something in the UK’s capital to capture all interests. Travel to London can be expensive, but if you manage to blag a lift share – you’re laughing, as cheap travel doesn’t come any simpler. 

Once you get to London, prepare to delve into a myriad of world-class museums that boast free entry, as well as fascinating art galleries, endless shops and enchanting parks (don’t forget to visit Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens). If you’re looking to catch a show in the capital’s West End, you don’t have to spend a fortune, as discount tickets are often available if you buy on the day of the performance. 

Discover the capital

Of course, London is a great city for simply getting lost in too. Head to Westminster to marvel at Big Ben (fact alert – this is the name of the bell inside the clock tower, rather than the clock itself), check out the Houses of Parliament, stroll along the River Thames, tour Westminster Abbey and discover Buckingham Palace. Next, head to Camden for a myriad of distinctive shops and fantastic alternative markets. The Stables Market by the canal is particularly atmospheric – look out for the bronze horse sculptures in this maze of eclectic shops and stalls.

If you’re hungry for more shopping, you’re in luck, as London is one of the best cities on earth for bagging unbelievable bargains, as well as designer treats. Oxford Street is packed with plenty of High Street heroes, and plays host to many a well-known brand’s flagship store – including Topshop, Uniqlo and Selfridges. 

Unearth the past

If history is your thing, you can easily spend a whole day unearthing the compelling (and often quite gory) past of London. The tours at the Tower of London are nothing short of legendary, and you can even take one at night. Expect tales of deceit, murder and seriously eerie occurrences. If you’d rather get your history kicks indoors without all the spooky stuff, head to the British Museum for a captivating dose of culture. The Natural History Museum has a multitude of interesting exhibitions too; focusing more on wildlife and nature. 

If you’re into art, don’t miss the Tate Modern. Adorned with works that cover everything from cubism and surrealism to abstract art and photography, this famous gallery is free to enter (though certain exhibitions may charge an entry fee). If you prefer your art more rough and ready, make your way to Shoreditch – namely, Brick Lane – for some of the most glorious street art you may ever set eyes on. There’s something wacky and colourful at every corner, and you can accent your art-binge with stop-offs at infinite vintage shops and eclectic street food stalls.

Lift share to London

Enough already – sort out your ride to London and start exploring. If you happen to work in the capital, don’t rule out a car share for the commute either – save those pennies for a rainy day (and believe us, there are plenty of those in London).

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