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Londonderry, or Derry, is a welcoming city (the fourth largest in Northern Ireland) with exciting modern attractions and a poignant past. Book a car share to save your money for the amazing feast of things to see and do in the city. 

If you happen to live in Londonderry, have you ever thought about organising a lift share for the commute? Or, if you’d like to explore further afield, you can catch a ride from Londonderry to Dublin, Galway, Belfast and loads of other locations nearby. Once you start checking out your options with Liftshare, you’ll be amazed at the money you could save… do you know what that means? More spends for Guinness! 

Arts, creativity and entertainment

From live music shows and traditional Irish dancing to readings, discussions and talks, there’s always something going on in Londonderry to either entertain or challenge the mind. If you’re interested in writing and drama and would like to see the local arts scene in action, catch poetry readings, storytelling sessions and public art exhibitions at the Verbal Arts Centre. Be sure to place The Playhouse at the top of your agenda too, as compelling plays, stand-up, music shows and talks take place here throughout the year. 

Head to the city centre during the day for a stroll along the River Foyle and a browse around an impressive selection of shops. You’ll find over 50 stores from well-known brands in the Foyleside shopping centre. For a more unique and purse-friendly retail experience, pay a visit to Bedlam. Situated inside an old convent, there are over 10 shops inside selling vintage, antique and homemade wares. You can get your fix of second hand vinyl here too.

When night falls, it’s time to explore the city a little further. Take your pick of cosy Irish pubs offering smooth pints of Guinness, moreish whiskey and great craic. You’ll most likely come across some traditional live music and plenty of friendly faces. Peadar O’Donnell’s on Waterloo Street is a particular favourite. 

Discover Londonderry’s past

It’s easy to travel back in time in Londonderry. Start by taking a walk along the Derry Walls. Dating from the 17th century, they were initially built as defences against English and Scottish settlers. A lot of the original structure still stands, and if you want to learn more facts like this, you can book a guided tour. 

For a thought-provoking afternoon, visit the Museum of Free Derry. Starting from the 1960s civil rights era, the exhibitions cover the city’s history from the perspective of the communities who lived through it. Stories are subjective, honest and real. You can also find information about Bloody Sunday, and on the day itself (30th January), hear first-hand accounts from people who were there. Entry is cheap, and worth every penny.

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