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Back in the 11th Century, Norwich was in fact the second largest city in England and has been a crucial industrial hub through the centuries. In fact, the 'wich' part of the city's name served to indicate that this was a place where salt was mined. Today, however, the city is better known for its fascinating mix of modern attractions, history and culture – having been named a UNESCO City of Literature back in 2012.

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Exploring the city

Norwich's compact city centre lends itself well to those keen on parking up the car and doing a bit of exploring by foot. If you like to kick off your sightseeing with a spot of history, then make sure you swing by Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery – one of the city's most iconic buildings. It boasts over 900 years of history, having served as both a palace and a prison, and is home to a range of fine art and archaeological artefacts. 

Elsewhere, the Norwich Millennium Library is just a short walk away and is well worth a visit thanks to its ultra-modern interior which has played its part in making it the UK's most popular public library.
Comedy aficionados will of course also recognise Norwich as the home of everyone's favourite radio host; Alan Partridge. Thanks to the popularity of the fictional character's recent movie, you can now follow in his Norfolk footsteps on the Alan Partridge Walking Tour. Back of the net! 

A taste of Norwich

No trip to the city is complete without a visit to the fabulous Norwich Market, where you'll discover over 200 stalls offering everything from fresh produce, clothes and jewellery to haircuts and key cutting! Best of all, it's bang in the heart of the city right in front of the majestic Norwich City Hall.

Of course, there's no shortage of pubs and restaurants to choose from either. In fact, it's often said that Norwich has a pub for every day of the year! Drop by The Murderers, which despite its name, is a thoroughly pleasant establishment – albeit with a spooky history. Alternatively, visit The Birdcage which actively encourages customers to bring their own Fish and Chips. What's not to like?

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