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Nottingham is renowned for its rich history and fascinating attractions, ranging from the tales of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood to Nottingham Castle and the ancient caves located beneath the city.

So if you're looking for a city break mixed with a healthy dose of history, grab yourself a car share and travel to Nottingham for less from cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and beyond.

Discover the historic city

Visit Nottingham Castle which towers over the city from its vantage point on the Castle Rock, where a castle has stood since 1067. Tour the galleries and six acre Victorian Gardens or embark on a fascinating journey through the network of underground caves located beneath the castle.  

A brisk walk around the outside of the grounds, meanwhile, will see you come face to face with the Robin Hood statue – the perfect spot for a snap or two alongside the infamous outlaw. Follow it up with a short stroll down Castle Road for a refreshment at Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem – the oldest inn in England, dating back to 1189 AD.

To truly appreciate the city's history, however, one must venture beneath the streets of Nottingham for an archaeological journey through the City of Caves. Guided tours take you through some of the 500 plus caves dating back to the Dark Ages and make for a great adventure for both young and old.  

Elsewhere, the Nottingham Galleries of Justice Museum are home to a fantastic Robin Hood exhibition, as well as tours of the city's old courthouse – formerly the home of the Sheriff of Nottingham. 

Food and shopping

Nottingham's compact city centre lends itself well to a day of sightseeing, shopping and relaxation. Head to the Bridlesmith Gate area for a wide choice of designer boutiques, or try the intu Victoria Centre or intu Broadmarsh Shopping Centre for a range of high street brands.

Feeling peckish? You're in the right place. Nottingham has more eateries per square mile than any other city in Europe. Head to the 'Curry Mile' on Maid Marian Way if you're in the mood for something spicy, or take your pick from just about every type of cuisine at the countless cafés, bars and restaurants dotted around the city centre.

Football fans, meanwhile, may want to take the opportunity to stop by King Street, where the statue of Brian Clough – the legendary former manager of Nottingham Forest Football Club – looks out over the city streets.

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