Getting to Nottingham University

Car share to Nottingham NG7, United Kingdom

Located on the western outskirts of Nottingham – a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a charming historic centre – the University of Nottingham is widely recognised as one of the greenest and most sustainable universities in the UK. A well-respected research institution with over 30,000 students from more than 130 different countries around the world, this is both an attractive and exciting place to study.

Nottingham University has several campuses around the city's edge. University Park Campus is the largest of Nottingham University's campuses and adjoins the university's Queen's Medical Centre. Jubilee Campus is about a mile away to the northeast, while just to the south is the smaller King's Meadow Campus. About 12 miles (19 kilometres) to the southwest lies Sutton Bonington Campus, the most far-flung of the campuses.

All the Nottingham campuses are easily accessible from the city centre, local train stations and East Midlands Airport via a range of transport routes, including environmentally-friendly bus, cycle and car share options. 

How to get to Nottingham University by bus

For students and staff who require transport between campuses, the University Hopper Bus service links the University Park, Jubilee, King's Meadow, Sutton Bonington and Derby Hospital campuses.

A number of bus operators offer services that link University Park Campus and Queen's Medical Centre to the city centre. Nottingham City Transport's bus 34 (as well as the night service N34) travels through the campus, as does Nottingham Community Transport's service L12 and UNITE's St Peter's Court Shuttle. 

All of the campuses are served well by several more bus services that run into Nottingham city centre. You can find out more on the uni website.  

Cycling to Nottingham University

In keeping with its green philosophy, the University of Nottingham is extremely bike-friendly, with over 4600 bike parking spaces available across its campuses, plus puncture repair kits and shower facilities for cyclists. The university operates its own bike hire schemes for students and staff, who can rent bicycles for a semester or entire academic year, and bikes are also available for short-term rent through Citycard Cycles, which has locations both on campus and throughout the city centre.

Nottingham boasts many safe and scenic cycle routes linking the various university campuses to each other and to the city centre. See the sample route maps on the university cycling page, or try the Cycle Streets Journey Planner.

Lift share to and from Nottingham University

The various Nottingham University campuses are easy to access by car, too. For sat nav or route planners, the postcode for University Park is NG7 2QL; for Jubilee Campus is NG8 1BB; for King's Meadow is NG7 2NR; and for Sutton Bonington is LE12 5RD. Alternately, consult the university's map page for specifics on how to get to each campus.

If you are planning to drive, why not save money on petrol (and keep with the eco-friendly theme) by arranging a car share to your Nottingham University campus? There are plenty of staff and students commuting back and forth to the various campuses each day, so it should be easy to find someone else in your class or department who is making the same journey. Not only will you cut travel costs and reduce your carbon emissions, but you may even make some new friends along the way!

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