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The Cathedral City of Peterborough has been settled since the Bronze Age and is home to an array of ancient buildings and archaeological sites which are sure to excite your inner history buff. Add in a fine mix of restaurants, shops and modern attractions, and you find yourself with an ideal city break.

Whether you're planning on visiting the city for the first time, or frequently commute in and out of town, you'll be amazed at how much you can save simply by hooking yourself up with a car share. 

Discover the Cathedral City

Peterborough Cathedral is the natural starting point for your sightseeing, offering over one thousand years of history and some of the most striking medieval architecture in the land.  You can tour the grounds for free, or pay a nominal fee for a guided tour. 

No history jaunt around the city is complete without a visit to Peterborough Museum, where over 200,000 items await you, spanning collections such as Jurassic marine reptiles, Roman artefacts and Iron Age weapons. Exhibitions aside, the museum building in itself has many a story to tell, and is also considered to be the most haunted place in the city. If you fancy getting your spook on then join up on a candlelit tour of the museum and surrounding streets.

Feel like venturing beyond the city? England's greatest Elizabethan House, the Burghley House, is just a short drive away and makes for a great afternoon out. Alternatively, get in touch with your rural side at Sacrewell farm where wildlife trails and a stunning watermill await.

Out and about in Peterborough

There's more to the city than sightseeing of course, so if you'd rather chill out with a spot of shopping and a refreshment or two then there are options aplenty. 

Indulge in a spot of retail therapy at the Queensgate shopping centre, which has been the city's most prominent shopping destination ever since Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands presided over its opening back in 1982. 

The Cathedral Square area, meanwhile, is a vibrant meeting place fringed with cafés and markets which are particularly delightful during the summer months. You'll also find a range of eateries in the surrounding streets, ranging from curry houses to cosy pubs, greasy spoon cafés and fine dining restaurants.

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