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Car sharing is easy, convenient, cost and time saving and green! We encourage you to share lifts to join us at Raw Fest 2016. The venue is in beautiful woodland not far from Ascot, Berkshire.

Its about 50 minutes drive from London. You can offer a lift or ask for a lift as a passenger. This link helps you to see where people travel to and from. Campers can come between 12pm on Friday 29th July and leave the latest Monday 1st 11am. The venue is easy to find and the car park is just opposite the venue. You can drop off any camping gear next to the campsite.

We look forward to seeing you there between 29th - 31st July for a wonderful weekend of Raw, Vegan, Organic & Wild Food, Expert Talks in Health & Nutrition, Yoga, Dance and Music! See you there! For more information or to book you tickets visit 

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