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Travel to Reigate and Banstead

Located just 20 odd miles south of central London, the Reigate and Banstead district is home to several charming towns and green spaces. From shopping and dining to woodland walks, there's no shortage of things to see and do during your visit. 

Towns such as Horley and Redhill are popular with commuters, many of who make their daily journey to the heart of London. So if you're looking for ways to cut the price of day-to-day travel, or simply after a cheap way to get around whilst staying in Reigate and Banstead, then consider hopping in a cheap car share. Get to London for a fraction of the cost, without the hassle of tubes, trains or buses!

What to see and do in Reigate and Banstead

The market town of Reigate is awash with stylish fashion boutiques, ranging from famous high street labels to vintage second hand items. You'll also find a wide range of cafés, brasseries and atmospheric restaurants dotted around the town centre, with the Tea House being a particular favourite.

The town of Banstead, meanwhile, is just a 20 minute drive up the road and also features plenty of shops, eateries and fascinating buildings. Keep an eye out for the old Parish church, All Saints, which is located just off the High Street and is thought to have stood there for over 1,000 years.

Elsewhere, the outskirts of the town feature dense woodlands and some spectacular nature trails. Hop in your car to Banstead Woods for a leisurely walk or afternoon picnic; a splendid place to visit all year round.

Cheap travel to London

The commute to central London takes just over an hour, making Reigate and Banstead the ideal base for those keen for a mixture of the big city buzz and a more relaxed way of life. A cheap car share could be the perfect solution when it comes to cutting down the cost of your daily commute, or simply a cheaper way to make day trips to London during your stay in Surrey. 

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