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Lift-sharing is a convenient and sustainable way of travelling to Somersault Festival. You will definitely save money by sharing travel costs, and also get the chance to meet some great people on the way. Who knows, you may end up pitching tents next to each other and partying together! If you want to know more, check out our top five reasons you should car share in 2015.

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Somersault is a festival with a new vision. A true summer holiday experience packed full of music, adventures and the best of outdoor living. Somersault is back for 2015 after its sell-out debut saw a previously unimagined festival concept come to life.

Created by the team behind the award-winning Wilderness Festival, Somersault promises five days of stripped-back happiness and blissful outdoor life.

Somersault’s home is a magical, rambling corner of North Devon. A mystical garden punctuated with lakes, 18th century temples, breath-taking viewpoints and the river Bray. The perfect place for camping out under the stars, for adventure, exploring, outdoor pursuits, tree-climbing, nature-loving and seaside adventures.

Castle Hill is just 19 miles from the coast and Devon’s sandy surf beaches and villages steeped in charm.

Relax in nature and revel in the Somersault vibes. 

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