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Want to go to London but actually see life outside the capital? St Albans, is a small city just 19 miles north of central London. Its location in Southern Hertfordshire makes it a prime spot for wandering beautiful parks and bustling markets, but look closer and you’ll discover a location that also has gorgeous scenery and several tourist attractions to boot.

Architecture, gardens and traditions

You’ll notice St Albans Cathedral in the city’s skyline. Its striking style is due to the architecture being a mixture of many different periods. You can take a formal tour, or catch one of many concerts or events. For a structure that dates even further back, visit the Roman Theatre. It was built around 140AD, and is the only example of its kind in the country. 

For a taste of life in St Albans, mingle with the locals at the Traditional Street Market, which hails as far back as the 9th century. It takes place every Wednesday and Saturday on St Peters Street in the heart of the city centre – expect a diverse range of products in a vibrant atmosphere. You could also visit the Farmers’ Market, which takes place on the second Sunday of each month. From fresh fruit and veg to tempting meat, dairy and baked goods, this is the best place to try out some local produce. 

St Albans is also home to some tranquil green spaces. If you’re commuting to and from London, these are the ideal spots to wind down in. Verulamium Park, though tricky to pronounce, is a particular favourite, regardless of the time of year. It’s set in 10 acres of land, and is actually named after the Roman City that it stands on.

Commute to London

If you live in this endearing city and are thinking of working in the capital without having to leave home, making a London commute from St Albans was never easier – get picked up right on your doorstep and sit in a nice cosy car – all for a measly fee. Alternatively, if you’re planning a trip to London and fancy experiencing life outside of the capital, this is the way to do it on the cheap. Hop in! 

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