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Festival? Sports match? Visiting friends? Home for the holidays? Getting to work or university? Rail strikes?

Does your University already have a Liftsharing scheme? Check the drop down to see whether you already have easy access to a car sharing program.

Want to find out more about student car sharing?

You can use Liftshare to chat to drivers, book seats or offer up space in your own car even if your university doesn't offer a managed scheme. helps you find people going the same way as you, either as a driver or passenger.

SAVE MONEY - Car sharing is cheaper than driving on your own, and than the train or bus, but particularly at peak times. And, it doesn't upset your car insurance – the Association of British Insurers states that normal car insurance policies are unaffected by car sharing. Since the fees you earn from passengers are based on Government-approved fuel contributions, you don’t need to worry.

GO GREEN - If the national average car occupancy can be raised from 1.6 to 2 people (that’s all journeys, not just commuting), the UK’s CO2 emissions from cars would experience a 20% reduction. 91% of car commuting and 87% of car travel in the UK is single occupancy - we can help reduce this stat by filling empty seats! members already reduce the number of journeys on the roads by about 100,000 daily.

BE SOCIAL - Talk, learn and laugh with your amazing connections! We’ve designed Liftshare to be as safe as possible. Our service has helped thousands of successful lifts take place, and we’ve sparked numerous new friendships.

WE'RE TRUSTED- User profiles and ratings help you choose who to travel with. We verify the email address of everyone who joins. Many people sign up with Facebook too, linking their Liftshare accounts to one of the world’s most recognisable sites. Profile information helps to provide a good introduction to each member.

You can read more about safety when sharing on our interview with a personal safety charity, and our blog on safety when sharing.

If you can give or want a lift to and from classes or lectures, your university may already supply a student-focussed scheme for travel. You can view these schemes below;

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Got your own car?

If you're heading somewhere and have a seat going spare, you could earn some money to help cover your costs.

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