Getting to the University of Hull

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With a wide range of courses, a friendly campus and a well-stocked library (where Philip Larkin was head librarian for more than 30 years), the University of Hull is an institutional gem in the North East of England. Travel-wise it’s slightly out on a limb, but there are plenty of options for getting there on the cheap. 

How to get to Hull University

There are actually two campuses – one in Scarborough, which is on the coast, and the main campus, which lies on Hull’s west side. There’s about 40 miles between the two, but the courses hosted on the campuses are totally segregated, so you’ll only ever be based at one of them (although, if you study in Scarborough, you may be inclined to pop to Hull now and again to use the facilities). 

The Hull campus
You can gain access to excellent rail, bus and coach services from the Hull Paragon Interchange. Megabus services run frequently too, and are a great option if you’d like to save some pennies. 

Several buses run straight from the station to the campus too. The quickest option is the 15, but you can also take the 103 or 105. If you’re planning on getting the bus frequently, a Unirider can save you some cash. If you’d rather stick to two wheels, the route from the station is simple and will take you around 20 minutes. If you think you’d like to get around on a bicycle regularly, you can hire a bike from the university’s Bike Hub

Driving to the uni is easy. If you’re travelling on the M62, simply take the A15/A164 Humber Bridge exit and then look out for the road signs, as there are plenty of them.  The main Halls of Residence are based in Cottingham, which is about a 10-minute drive from the university. Most of the regular student housing is based on two streets next to the actual uni, so you won’t have any trouble finding your new digs. For satnav users, the postcode is HU6 7RX. 

The Scarborough campus
The Scarborough campus is significantly smaller than its Hull counterpart, and is home to roughly 2000 students. The town has been a popular seaside haunt for years, and is the largest holiday resort on the scenic Yorkshire coast. 

The campus is based right on the edge of the town, so reaching it by car couldn’t be simpler. If you’re coming from the South, follow the M1 to the A1 and A64. From the North, follow the A1/A19 to the A171 or A170. The route between Hull and Scarborough is well sign-posted, and will take you right along the coast. Using a satnav? The postcode is YO11 3AZ.

Plenty of trains run to Scarborough too, and the campus is just 2km away from the station. If you’ve got lots of baggage with you, hop in a taxi, or hail a number 7 bus. If you choose to bike once you’re there, Scarborough is easy to navigate, and the coast makes for some seriously scenic bike rides. 
There are more facilities on the Hull campus, particularly when it comes to social events. It could be worth setting up a car share to commute there on a regular basis, even if your classes are based on the coast. 

Lift share to and from the University of Hull

Yorkshire is known for its friendly folk, and if you sort yourself a car share to Hull, you boost your chances of making some friends for life, plus you’ll save some spends. Whether you’re a student, a member of staff, or simply someone on the lookout for fun things to see and do in Hull, book a trip with Liftshare today. 

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