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Picture by John Cooper from the 2014 FA cup final.

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How do you get to Wembley Stadium for the Football League Play-Off Final when there is a rail strike? You could chance a train ticket, try a coach or splash out the big bucks for a taxi – but we recommend a car share to the football final.

The Stadium has its own guide for parking and a whole website called Wembley Official Parking. There are more than 3,000 car parking spaces, they’re protected by CCTV but pre-booking is recommended. The good news is you don’t need to park at Wembley in order to safely get to the game. Use Liftshare to arrange a car share, just get into London and the capital’s infrastructure will help you get out to the stadium.

So, whether you’re traveling down from Middlesbrough or Norwich to support Boro or the Canaries or even coming from further afield to support your team – avoid the rail strike, the first national action in 20 years – arrange a car share today.

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