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Woking is a large town in West Surrey. From museums and shopping areas to interesting pieces of urban art, there’s something to suit every personality. What’s more, it’s also located very close to the UK capital. If you work in or are planning a trip to London and would like to save some cash, have you ever considered a car share? 

Art and history

Woking is a creative place, with pieces of public art scattered around the town centre. If you head to the Big Apple entertainment complex, you’ll see a model of a Hawker Hunter jet just outside (it was originally intended to advertise the ‘Planets’ family entertainment complex). Incidentally, you can also head inside the Big Apple for a great day out. Bowling and Laser Quest are among the fun activities on offer.

For art in the more traditional sense, the Lightbox Museum is deemed one of the most exciting attractions in the South East. It’s free to enter, and houses a frequently updated range of exhibitions (with both classic and contemporary works), as well as Woking’s Story – an intriguing museum that unravels the history of the town. You could also pay a visit to the station’s north wall to marvel at the Woking Mural, which details an Edwardian shopping scene at the turn of the 20th century.

Shopping for Martians

The city centre is a great spot for hitting the shops. Market Hall is a charming covered market that sells a variety of local produce. There’s also The Peacocks – a shopping centre with over 170 shops selling everything from fashion to technology.

“So where do Martians come into it?” we hear you ask. Well, if you take a break from your shopping as you explore the town centre, you may come face to face with the rather striking Martian Tripod Sculpture. This is an homage to The War of the Worlds, which was written in Woking by HG Wells.  

Cheap travel to London

If you’re planning a trip to London but don’t fancy staying right in the capital, consider Woking. There are just over 20 miles between the two locations, and if you book a car share from Woking to London, you can save yourself some cash. Whether you work in the capital and would like to arrange a regular commute, or you’re planning a visit and feel like exploring somewhere new, Liftshare can help you out. 

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