What our members say about Liftshare

Here’s what just a few of our 500,000 (and counting!) members have to say about why they love Liftshare. Sign up now to start living the experience for yourself.


“It's a fab way of saving money and getting to spend the journey with someone lovely is a bonus.”


“A really useful website to save money, reduce stress and make commuting easier”


“I recommend lift share to anyone with a lengthy commute; it makes those motorway journeys far more enjoyable and helps each of us become more sustainable.”


“It worked out perfectly for us. The site was easy to use and … the journey was absolutely fab. I really recommend it as everyone’s first port of call for any long distance journey if they’re worried about costs.”


“I have saved almost half of the cost of taking the train daily. I also get picked up and dropped off from my house to my place of work which is more convenient. Being new to [my area], it has allowed me to meet new people.”


“Car sharing saves me from commuting on a crowded train, is cheaper, better for the environment and more sociable too.”

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