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Ali Clabburn

Liftshare Founder

Any journey

Need to get to a festival, event or work? Simply run a search on your journey and find others going your way. Or, offer a lift so others can find you!

Save money

Whether you’re driving or catching a lift, sharing your journey will save you money - cheaper than the train and most bus trips, what are you waiting for?

Have fun

We've met some of our best friends through car-sharing and had some real fun - your destination provides instant common ground and we know you’ll find much more. Just another reason to give it a go!

Why people love Liftshare

  • norman


    It's the equivalent to a £2,500 pay rise

    The costs of fuel make the case for car-sharing overwhelming. I estimate my car pool keeps about £150 a month in my pocket that woul otherwise glug down my filter cap. At typical levels of taxation, that's the equivalent to a salary rise of £2,500.

  • james


    It's improved all our social lives!

    We have all become good friends through car-sharing. There's a lot of conversation and humour, and we regularly socialise outside of travelling to work - going to pub quizzes, go-karting and inviting each other to parties.

  • emma


    It's good for the environment, and I feel safe doing it

    I did an online calculation which said that my annual carbon footprint was three times that of the national average. This concerned me, so that was one of the incentives for signing up to car-share.

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