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Car share to Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

Lift sharing is a convenient and sustainable way of travelling to Boom Festival 2018. You will definitely save money by sharing travel costs, and also get the chance to meet some great people on the way. Who knows, you may end up pitching tents next to each other and partying together! On whether you're a driver or a passenger you can add your journey now to find others who are making a similar journey. Find someone to share your journey with and let the adventure to Boom begin!

The Boom Festival takes place at the Boomland, at Idanha-a-Nova lake. The closest villages are Alcafozes and Idanha-a-Velha, which are 40km away from the Spanish border.

Liftshare is a great travel option to get there, as it helps reduce CO2 emissions and provides a great opportunity to meet other fellow Boomers. Just join the car sharing scheme to find a lift that suits you or offer a lift as a driver.

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