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About car sharing

What is car sharing?

Car sharing is when there is more than one occupant in a private car. We all share cars regularly, with our friends and family, without thinking about it. But there are often times when a driver has empty seats simply because they don't know anyone who needs a lift or they might not be aware of the benefits of sharing.

Liftshare enables organised car sharing by connecting people travelling in the same direction so they can arrange to travel together and share the costs, whilst reducing congestion and pollution at the same time.

How can I get involved?

The service is available to anyone over 18. Commuters, students, football supporters, festival-goers, tourists, employees - anyone!

Joining the scheme is simple and completely FREE. All you have to do is register your details and then activate your account. This is done by simply clicking on the link that we send to you in the account activation email.

If you haven't already added a journey, this is the time to do it. Whether you're driving somewhere or don't have a car and are looking to share – register your journey as a driver or a passenger to maximise your chances of finding a match.

Once you've registered your journey, you will be presented with other journeys matching yours. When you have found a suitable match from the results, you can then contact the member(s) using our internal messaging system and then confirm that you're sharing.

What are the benefits of sharing a car?

If you're a driver, by sharing your car you can split the cost of your journey and reduce your carbon footprint.

Sharing a car:

  • Reduces the costs of travelling
  • Undercuts the cost of nearly all forms of motorised transport
  • Cuts congestion and pollution
  • Reduces parking problems
  • Is a great way of networking and making new friends

Don't just take it from us though, find out what our members have to say about why they love car sharing here.

When can I share a car?

Car sharing is appropriate for regular journeys and one-off journeys anywhere in the country, such as:

  • Getting to and from work
  • Getting to and from university
  • Travelling to a festival, big event or show
  • Going to the match at the weekend
  • Doing the weekly shop
  • Or simply visiting friends

What are the costs of car sharing?

Liftshare calculates a suggested contribution per passenger for your journey based on the length of your trip and using HM Revenue and Customs Approved Mileage Payment Allowance. Drivers can adjust the price within a capped window, to ensure passenger costs offset real costs and no profit is made – therefore not invalidating your car insurance. The contribution set by the driver using this system is fixed, making it simple and transparent for everyone involved.

What are the legal and insurance implications of car sharing?

The Public Passenger Vehicle Act (1981 Section 1(4)) outlines the rules that govern car sharing. Passenger contributions should be arranged before travel and should not exceed the running costs (including wear and depreciation) of the vehicle for the trip. Liftshare calculates a suggested price per passenger for your journey based on the length of your trip and using HM Revenue and Customs Approved Mileage Payment Allowance.

the Association of British Insurers clearly states that car sharing won't affect the insurance of their members so long as a profit isn't made: "All ABI motor insurers have agreed that if your passengers contribute towards your running costs your insurance cover will not be affected, as long as lifts are given in a vehicle seating eight passengers or less. This agreement does not apply if you make a profit from payments received or if carrying passengers is your business" (Source: ABI 2012)

Over 300 insurance providers are members of the ABI, accounting for about 95% of the motor insurance market in the UK. Drivers with any concerns, however, should check with their own insurance company as terms and conditions may vary between insurance providers over time.

Do I need a car to car share?

No, many people are happy to offer lifts in exchange for sharing the fuel costs. On the Liftshare network you can register your journey 'as a passenger' if you don't have a car. If you cycle or walk to work, it's always good to find a car share partner just in case one day you need a lift.

How to be a good car share partner!

Like any successful relationship, car sharing requires respect, good communication and a little bit of give and take! Here are some top etiquette tips that our members recommend:

  • Be reliable. If you agree to meet at 8am, be there at 8am. Especially if you're sharing a commute. People often have very little flexibility before they end up being late for work.
  • Communication is key. If you are going to be unavoidably delayed, let your sharer know (as far in advance as possible). Keeping your tone polite and friendly always helps.
  • Flexibility is important too, though. Sometimes you or your sharer will have to stay a bit late at work unexpectedly – but warn each other whenever you think this might be the case.
  • Want to eat in the car? Just check your driver/passenger doesn't mind before you unwrap that burger!
  • Don't assume that everyone loves ACDC or Wagner. You both need to be comfortable with the music on your journey, so discuss your preferences. Most people will have an area of shared taste.
  • If the car is yours:
    • Keep it acceptably clean
    • Drive considerately
    • Make your passenger(s) feel welcome
  • If you're the passenger:
    • Ask before adjusting the controls (e.g. radio or air con)
    • Don't smoke without checking if it's ok first
    • Offer to pay before being asked. Money can be an awkward topic. It's easiest to agree contributions (and when payment(s) will take place) in advance, and that's why the system presents a suggested contribution for each trip.
  • Be willing to meet before your first share if your driver/passenger feels more comfortable doing that.
  • It can appear unfriendly if you spend the journey on your mobile, chatting to friends or making business calls. And it can be distracting to the driver too.
  • Some people are great first thing in the morning; others need time to acclimatise themselves to the new day! Be sensitive about your car share partner's preferences for silence or chat (as they should be about yours).
  • Always reply to any requests to share that you receive from other members, no matter what the situation is. Even if you can't make that journey, the other person will be waiting for an answer from you, so please let them know so they can arrange alternative travel.

Your Liftshare account

View our PDF member's guide for help

I can't activate my account

When you register we send an activation email to the address you registered with.Unfortunately, this sometimes ends up in Junk/Spam folders. Please check there first; if you still haven't received it please follow this link to request the activation email again. If you require further assistance, get in touch with Liftshare's member support team on

I can't access my account

If the system isn't recognising your log in details, then first make sure you have entered the same email address that you registered with.

Failing that, check that password you're using is correct (click here for a password reset email). Remember that your sign-in details are case sensitive - please ensure you're using the same case (capitals and non-capitals) that you registered with.

I've forgotten my password

Follow this link to request a password reset email. This will be sent to the email account you registered with make sure you enter the email address you registered with.

I need to update my details as they have changed

Simply log in and go to your 'Account' page which you can access from the menu tab across the top of the page. From here, you can change any of your profile details. If you change your email address, you'll need to re-activate your account. All you need to do is click the link in the activation mail which we'll send to your new email address.

Another member has given me given an unfair rating

If you no longer make that journey, you can delete it by going to 'Lifts offered' and selecting the "delete" link. Please note that you cannot delete a journey with active bookings on it – you will need to cancel those bookings first.

I would like to delete my Liftshare account

To delete your account, go to the 'Account' tab which is found in the menu bar across the top of the page. You will need to scroll down the page to find the button which says 'Remove my account'. After you have done this, all of your details will be removed from our database immediately. However, please note that if you have any active Liftshare requests (either as a driver or passenger), you will need to complete the booked journey(s) (or cancel the requests) before you can close your Liftshare account. Equally, if you still have money in your Liftshare balance, you will need to transfer it to your bank account before you are able to close the Liftshare account.

Are you removing your account because you're no longer making your journey? Rather than deleting your whole account you could update your details to a new journey, or perhaps 'hide' your journey temporarily, which means it won't come up when other members search for a match.

Are you looking to remove your account because you haven't managed to find a match for your journey? We would encourage you not to give up! We have thousands of new members joining the nationwide Liftshare community all the time and registering their journeys. You can also adjust your search parameters to see if this helps you match up with someone.

It's worth keeping your options open and checking your account regularly to see if any new matches have registered!

Listing your journey

How can I add my journey?

Whether you'd like to Liftshare as a driver or as a passenger, listing your journey on the website will maximise your chances of finding a match. You can do this by clicking on the 'Add a journey' button and completing the form. Other members will be able to find your journey and contact you. Keeping your journey details up to date is important, as others will rely on the information that you've listed. If you've stopped making a journey, please do remove it from the system.

Can I alter my journey?

You can edit your journey under the list of 'Actions' on the 'As driver' or 'As passenger' page. However, if someone has already requested to share your journey, you will need to first decline or cancel that request before you can edit your journey details.

Can I delete the lift I'm offering?

You can remove your journey under the list of 'Actions' on the 'As driver' or 'As passenger' page. However, if someone has already requested to share your journey, you will need to first decline or cancel that request before you can edit your journey details. Alternatively, you can hide your journey, so that information is saved for later but the journey is not visible to other members.

Finding a match and making contact

How can I find a car share partner?

Once you've added a journey, you'll be presented with a list of potential matches for it. Alternatively, you can just sign on to the Liftshare system and search for a match. Remember to do regular searches - thousands of members join the national network weekly, so the more you search the more likely you are to find a match!

How do I contact potential car share matches?

Once you've added your journey or done a quick search, you will be shown matches with members going the same way as you. By clicking on a member's journey in your match results, you will then have the option to message them. You can find all your conversations in the 'Messages' tab.

Confirming your Liftshare

How can I confirm a Liftshare?

After adding a journey or doing a quick search, you will be presented with a list of matches to choose from. Clicking through to each result will give you the option to send a message to the other person. Once you've arranged the details of your Liftshare you can use the 'Ask to share' button under the driver's journey details and wait for them to accept your request.

'Ask to share' is normally just a way of formalising your arrangement and booking your seat for a specific date. If the driver has chosen to be paid online, you will see 'Ask to book' instead, and you'll need to provide your payment details.

How do I accept a share request for my journey?

You'll receive an email notifying you of a passenger's request to share with you. You can then log into your account to accept or decline the request, or simply do it directly from the email notification by clicking the red or green button.

If you're using our app, you'll also receive a notification and will be able to accept or decline this request wherever you are. Please note that share requests will be automatically declined after 30 days if the driver has not responded, or after 24 hours if you are using the online payment system.

Where can I find out more about the passenger before accepting their booking?

You can view the passenger's profile before you decide to share with them, by clicking on their user name or photo.

We encourage all our members to provide a lovely, smiling picture of themselves and a bio (so do upload yours too if you haven't yet) so our friendly community of Liftsharers can know a bit about each other. We also encourage you to rate your fellow Liftsharers after you have shared with them. You can see the ratings a member has received from people who have already shared with them by clicking the ratings tab from their profile.

Online payments: passengers

Can I cancel Liftshare requests? How do I get my money back in the event of a cancellation?

Both passengers and drivers can cancel a booking at any time.

In the event that a lift is cancelled after an online payment has already been made, the payment will be refunded automatically within 48 hours. A lift can be cancelled after it was due to take place as long as it has not been confirmed as happening.

In the event one of the parties wants to cancel a lift after payment has already been transferred to the driver, you will need to get in touch with the member support team via, who will resolve each dispute on an individual basis.

We would encourage you not to cancel any bookings at short notice.

What happens if my request is declined?

If the driver decides, for whatever reason, not to accept your booking, you will receive an email letting you know and you will receive a full refund. People have different reasons for not being able to go through with a lift sometimes, so please don't be too disheartened – there may well be other drivers able to offer you a lift. We do encourage passengers to have a complete profile (photo and brief bio), as drivers will often want to have an idea of the person they would be giving a lift to.

When will my payment be transferred to the driver?

When you book and pay for a lift online, we debit your payment card – but this money is not passed onto the driver until you have had your lift. You will receive a payment code when you request a lift and your request is accepted by the driver. If you're the passenger please give that code to your driver; this will then allow them to release the payment. If you don't give the code to the driver to confirm the lift took place or confirm so from your own account, the lift will be automatically confirmed after 72 hours.

How is the total cost calculated?

When you book a lift, the total cost includes the contribution to the driver plus the service fee. This service fee is the sum of a mileage fee, the payment provider commission and VAT.

What happens if the driver doesn't turn up?

Please report the issue and you will receive a full refund. You can also leave a rating for the driver, reflecting your experience. Liftshare matches members going the same way; it is up to this large community of drivers and passengers to be reliable and fulfil their journey commitments to each other. As such, whilst Liftshare does everything it can to enable a successful journey, it can take no responsibility for guaranteeing that a journey will take place.

Online payments: drivers

I've received a Liftshare request and I'm using the online payment system, how quickly do I have to respond to that request?

You will need to accept any bookings that you receive within 24 hours or it will be automatically declined so as not to keep passengers waiting too long.

When do I receive the money from my passenger?

When offering a lift as a driver you can choose to receive your payment for a completed lift either online or in person by cash (or to make your own arrangement to alternate the driving on a regular journey, for example). You will select your chosen payment method when listing your lift offer.

Passengers will be sent a confirmation PIN code for the trip after you have accepted their share request. Please ask them for this code when you meet and enter it via the website. Alternatively, your passenger can confirm themselves that the journey was completed. Either option will transfer their funds into your Liftshare balance. If we do not receive any form of confirmation, and Liftshare is not alerted to the journey not having taken place successfully, then the money will be transferred automatically within 72 hours.

How do I transfer the money from my Liftshare balance to my bank account

When you want to transfer money from your Liftshare balance to your account, you will need to visit the 'as driver' tab, which can be found in the menu bar near the top of the page. Input your bank account details, and then click on the 'cash out' button. Once your cash out request has been approved, all the money from your Liftshare balance will be transferred into your bank account within approximately 48 hours. The payment provider will take a 25p fee for the administration of each cash out transaction.

You might be requested to contact the Liftshare member support team ( for this cash out request to be processed. You may also be asked for a photocopy of your passport or driving licence the first time you cash out, or when your cash-out request(s) exceed certain amounts. In this case, your ID details will be uploaded to the system of our payment provider and removed from our own records.

IMPORTANT: in order to process cash-out requests, you will need a British bank account.

Can I cancel Liftshare requests? What happens in the event of a cancellation?

Both passengers and drivers can cancel a booking at any time.

In the event that a lift is cancelled after an online payment has already been made, the payment will be refunded automatically within 48 hours. A lift can be cancelled after it was due to take place as long as it has not been confirmed as happening.

In the event one of the parties wants to cancel a lift after payment has already been transferred to the driver, you will need to get in touch with the member support team via, who will resolve each dispute on an individual basis.

We would encourage you not to cancel any bookings at short notice as this can cause significant difficulties to any passengers who were relying on you to give them a lift, and might also result in a poor rating.

What happens if a passenger doesn't turn up for the lift?

It's important to try to make contact, in case they have been unavoidably held up. Please message or call them with the mobile number we will have provided you with. If they do not turn up within 30 minutes of the agreed meeting time, you will have the payment transferred to your account after 72 hours if your lift offer was an online payment booking and it was not cancelled online.

Trust & safety

How safe is car sharing?

The safety of our members is a priority for Liftshare and we have made our website as secure as we can. All members' details are stored securely in the database and only members intended travel information can be accessed online.

When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for his or her own safety. However, we do recommend that members follow some simple security measures outlined below:

  • Avoid exchanging home addresses with your travelling companion before you meet them
  • Arrange to meet in a public place
  • Inform a friend or family member of whom you will be travelling with, when and to where
  • Make sure you show each other your IDs - e.g. passports, or driving licences - so you know you're travelling with the right person
  • You are under no obligation to go ahead with any car share. If you have any doubts about your travelling companion, for any reason, you should avoid travelling with them

For more information about safety and security of personal information please read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy.

Where should I arrange to meet my car share partner?

We recommend that you meet your potential car share partner at a public place, close to public transport connections if possible so that alternative transport options are available should the lift fall through. We advise members not to meet at a home address for security reasons.

Will my personal contact details be visible to other users?

No, your email address is kept hidden at all times. The only information that is visible to other users is your name and the journey details you added. We only share your mobile number once you have confirmed a booking with another member.

Is it possible to find a travelling companion of the same gender?

Yes, you can filter your search results based on gender.

How can I check if the driver's car is taxed and has passed its MOT? (UK only)

We recommend that you ask the driver for the Vehicle Registration Number and Vehicle Make and then check the details on

Can someone under 18 (a minor) use the site?

To create a profile on Liftshare and have access to our services, you must be over 18 years old.However, we understand there are particular circumstances in which a minor can get a lift without being accompanied by an adult or legal guardian.

If this is the case, the parents (or legal guardians) of the minor can make a booking directly from their profile. It is essential to inform the driver and ask for their approval beforehand to make sure they accept to give a minor a lift.

It is also necessary that the parents, legal guardians or the driver have the appropriate safety equipment (a child seat or a booster) depending on the child's age and size, in accordance with the law.

Click here to access a document to print in two copies and to be signed by both parties.

What happens if my car share arrangement falls through?

Liftshare is solely a journey matching service and cannot be held responsible for any journeys that don't work out as planned. Likewise, the drivers and passengers who register their journeys with us are under no legal obligation to their travelling companions or to Liftshare to make any journeys.However, we hope that if plans change and journeys can't be made, that all affected parties will be contacted and forewarned with appropriate notice, this is only courteous.

Liftshare Companion app

Can I register using Liftshare Companion app?

No, you need to register through the website first. Once you've done this, you can download Liftshare Companion app and start sharing from your mobile:

iOS: Apple store

Does Liftshare Companion app work in any mobile operating system?

Liftshare's app is available for Android and iOS devices; it's not currently available for Windows phones.

What can I do using Liftshare Companion app?

The Liftshare Companion app provides an instant messaging system for Liftshare members on the move. It also offers an easy way to request and confirm your shared trip, as a driver or as a passenger.

Inbox & Conversations – Companion helps you arrange your shared travel through instant messaging:

  • Send and receive messages from Liftshare members
  • Access all the conversations you've had and get in touch with any of your contacts
  • Check the relevant journey details at any time by simply clicking through from the conversation screen
  • Get a notification whenever you receive new messages or Liftshare requests

Liftshare Requests – Once you have arranged the details for your Liftshare, confirming it is very easy:

  • As a passenger, you can send a Liftshare request from the journey details screen at any time
  • As a driver, you can accept and decline Liftshare requests in just one click