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Welcome to Glasgow Airport Commuter Carshare

Welcome to Glasgow Airport Commuter Carshare

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Welcome to Glasgow Airport Commuter

I am delighted to welcome you to the Glasgow Airport Staff Commuter Website. This portal provides information for staff to help you choose a cheaper, greener and healthier way to travel to and from the airport.

In recent years we have invested and upgraded various transport options to provide you greater flexibility and choice when travelling to work, alongside improved facilities at the airport. This work is ongoing with a particular focus on healthier, more sustainable access.

I hope you find the website useful when deciding how to travel to the airport, and remember - we are "on a journey together"!

Mark Johnston
Managing Director

Staff Travel Plan

Journey Planner

Use Traveline Scotland to find your route by various forms of transport.

Public Transport

Glasgow Airport has a number of bus services connecting directly with the local area and further afield. Staff working at the airport can take advantage of discounts on bus travel. For more information on discounted bus travel please visit the Travel and Visitor Information Hub in Domestic Arrivals.


Ride-to-Work is a cycle leasing scheme for Glasgow Airport Ltd employees only. Ride-to-Work can save you around 30% off the cost of purchasing a new bike to travel to and from the airport. Glasgow Airport has good connections to the local cycling network, including a new bespoke route running east/west through the campus alongside the runway through the Paisley Moss nature reserve. We have cycle parking provided at key points across the campus including racks, shelters and cycle lockers. Our cycling facilities can be found here. Twenty minutes of gentle cycling burns up to 100 calories!

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