Welcome to National Grid's car share scheme

There are many benefits of sharing your journey to work, such as:

it can save you money on fuel costs and wear and tear on your car • it helps to reduce the number of cars on the roads, cuts pollution and lowers your carbon footprint • and it provides you with an opportunity to meet new colleagues

National Grid’s car share community can match you with other employees who have similar commutes each day.

And with our guaranteed ride home scheme we will make sure you get home if the person you car share with has to leave without you due to illness or an emergency.

So if you aren't already car sharing, why not sign up today and start enjoying the benefits.

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Why Liftshare?

Join for free and find drivers and passengers to share with

Save money by sharing travel costs

Cut congestion and pollution

Reduce the stress of driving by sharing with great people

How Liftshare works


Offer or seek a lift. Search for or offer a regular or one off trip


Request to share and make contact to arrange any details


Start saving and enjoy all the other benefits of Liftsharing

If you still have questions, please see our FAQs and safety tips.

How much could you save?

The average commuter who shares a car could save over £1,000 a year, find out how much you could save with our calculator.

Why our community loves Liftshare

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