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Sharing a car to and from work cuts the cost of travel,
reduces the stress of driving every day and can be fun!

The Stansted Airport Liftshare scheme can match you with other employees who have similar commutes. Lift-sharing also means you can park closer to the office. With over 10,000 employees at Stansted, you are bound to find somebody you can share with. So sign up today (it’s free!) and start enjoying the benefits.

What’s in it for you?

Why Liftshare?

Join for free and find drivers and passengers to share with

Save money by sharing travel costs

Cut congestion and pollution

Reduce the stress of driving by sharing with great people

How Liftshare works


Offer or seek a lift. Search for or offer a regular or one off trip


Request to share and make contact to arrange any details


Start saving and enjoy all the other benefits of Liftsharing

If you still have questions, please see our FAQs and safety tips.

How much could you save?

The average commuter who shares a car could save over £1,000 a year, find out how much you could save with our calculator.

Why our community loves Liftshare

Car-share discounts

To be eligible for the fantastic rewards available you must be registered on Stansted Liftshare and have created a Liftshare team with your lift-share partner(s). You will then receive information on how to obtain the rewards on offer.

  • Various savings on spectacles, contact lens direct debits and eye examinations at Vision Express
  • £20 discount on complete glasses (over £99) from Specsavers
  • Save up to 45% at various theme parks from Tussauds Group. Includes Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park and associated hotels.
  • Save up to 50% on entrance to Legoland venues and holidays, Madame Tussauds, the Dungeons, Sea-Life, Warwick Castle etc…
  • Save 20% on the Merlin Annual Pass (for use over 12 months across all attractions in the Tussauds Group). Includes Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, London Dungeons, Sea-Life, Madame Tussauds etc…
  • Priority Parking Bays

Emergency Ride-home Service

An Emergency Ride Home facility is in place for Airport liftsharers. A taxi will take you from your place of work to your doorstep in the case of an emergency.

To book this service please call 24×7 Stansted Airport Taxis on 01279 661111, provide them your name, company, destination, liftshare membership & airport ID number, together with a brief reason for why the journey is needed and a taxi will be provided.

This facility is monitored; misuse will result in your Liftshare team being removed from the scheme.

Priority parking

There are over 50 priority bays available at Enterprise House for when you drive into and out of work with your lift-sharer.

Liftshare parking bays are only to be used when members are liftsharing with other member of their Liftshare team.

There must always be 2 individuals present in the car when entering and leaving the Liftshare bays.

If you are driving individually you should park in the normal car parking bays and not take up a Liftshare bay as you are denying other members of their benefit.

Please display at least two membership cards clearly on the dashboard when using these bays.

You will also need a valid car park pass for Enterprise House car park.