Avoid the Southern Rail Strike and ongoing disruption

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Avoid the Southern Rail Strike 

Across December and Januarystaff on Southern Rail will again hold strikes that will shut down train services across its network. These will cause ongoing disruption, alongside an overtime ban for train drivers.

The strike will disrupt the travel plans of people throughout the UK, and will delay people travelling by rail to work, events, and leisure trips.

As the UK’s largest shared travel site, Liftshare.com has pledged to help people across Britain avoid delays caused by the lack of trains, and to assist them in getting wherever they need to be.

Liftshare has over 500,000 active members across the country, so whichever train route you had planned on using, our community is on-hand to help you get around.

What is car sharing and how can it help me avoid the strike?

Car sharing is the process of drivers offering their spare car seats to those without access to a car, in return for a split of the total fuel cost. It’s the same as accepting a lift somewhere with a friend then offering them some cash to cover petrol, except Liftshare pairs up new people together on the road.

We aim to encourage more people to share their spare seats to reduce the volume of vehicles on roads during the National Rail Strike. With less people taking their car out, we can help people get around without causing gridlock or relying on trains.

Sharing lifts is often far cheaper than paying for train tickets, and more affordable than many forms of public transport. While the trains are on strike, car sharers can commute to work, travel to events, and share a lift to university or any number of destinations. Simply search or community to see lifts on offer, or post your own trip to help those in need.

How does Liftshare.com work?

By using the search fields above, you can look for drivers going to where you need to be during the rail strike, and offer to take their spare seats in exchange for a fair split of the petrol costs. Drivers can also post details of their intended journey and offer space in their car to those affected by rail disruption.

You can also download our free iOS and Android apps to search for lifts while on the move, instant message drivers or passengers and pay for trips using one-tap, cashless payments. It’s a secure, safe and social way to travel.

I’ve found someone I’d like to share a lift with, now what?

Signing up to Liftshare is the first step and best of all, it’s free. New members should create a user profile complete with photo and biography so our community knows who they are sharing lifts with. 

For passengers: If you’ve found a driver who matches your ideal departure date, time and price, you can contact them directly to say you are interested in splitting their petrol cost in exchange for a seat. This helps you get to know your driver ahead of time, and enables you to discuss particulars such as pick-up points and more.

For drivers: If you’ve posted details of a journey on Liftshare.com, you can choose to accept or politely refuse lift requests from passengers as you see fit. But if you do find a good match, you should direct message the person on our site or app to say hello and work out the particulars of your trip.

Drivers and passengers can then agree to share a lift, and help each other get around rail strike delays, while saving money on travel. Oh, and don’t be late for your lift or pick-up if you want to keep a high review rating on our site!

I can’t find someone to share with, help!

When lifts are being snapped up fast or a suitable journey can’t be found, you can use Liftshare’s innovative tool-suite to set up custom alerts. You will be informed whenever a lift is posted that matches your specific destination, departure date, and more. It’s easy to set up and helpful too.

Do I need special car insurance to use Liftshare?

The Association of British Insurers are agreed that cover is not affected if passengers contribute towards the cost of the journey. Liftshare's system makes sure you cannot ask for too large a contribution or carry too many passengers. Drivers should check their own clauses for exceptions, though.

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