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Liftshare Week 2020: 5th - 11th October

We know that 2020 has got off to a bumpy start and that many of you will be working from home. However, if you are heading back to work and can’t bike or walk there, and you don’t fancy taking public transport - Liftshare could be your next best option!

Interested in joining Liftshare?

Sign up today at Liftshare.com and see who else is going your way!

What happened last year?

Liftshare Week 2019 ran from the 7th - 13th October and with the help of our Liftshare community hit some AMAZING milestones!

the Liftshare Network took 141,124,215 miles off our roads

Saved our members £14,474,131 in fuel costs

Saved 27,730.91 tonnes of CO2 and 72.4 tonnes of NOx